Praise for Basil’s Quest

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Basil’s story and was rooting for him with the turn of every page. I appreciate the work the author did to ensure that the rescue was accurately portrayed. She could have shied away from some of the difficult stuff but she didn’t make it easy, she made it real. You, too, will fall in love with Basil!”

– Elizabeth Chauncey, Founder,
President, East C.A.N.

“Basil’s Quest is a compelling story told from a pup’s perspective about compassion, patience, and healing. Basil shows us how to forgive and love again, especially when bullying is discussed. It serves as a friendly reminder that bullying is hurtful to everyone, not just children. It’s a story with uplifting highs, lonely lows, and a happy ending. Highly recommended.”

– Tara Rose, Guest Educator,
Enriched Schools, Nashville, TN

“This book is a wonderful way to be a dog for a few moments. Young readers will learn what a lucky dog experiences on its journey to its forever home.”

– Kelly Jennings, Retired Children’s Services
Coordinator, Tulsa City-County Library

“Basil’s Quest is a beautiful story and a delight to read. From the opening lines of the book, I was drawn into Basil’s world and his search for a forever home. He meets many people on his path, some loving and some indifferent, but through it all he trusts that he will end up where he is supposed to be. I found myself identifying with Basil and his journey because isn’t a safe, cozy home, and good people in our lives what we all want?”

– Susan Kelley, Founder,
Bow Wow Film Festival

“Basil’s Quest is a touching story of a dog desperately wanting a forever home. He endures bullying, rejection, and adapting to unfamiliar situations with courage and heart. Basil’s Quest offers rich opportunities for discussion and understanding. The book will be enjoyed by all readers, but especially those with a love of animals.”

– Martha Geel, Retired 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher,
Ridgeway Elementary, Columbia, MO

“While telling the heartwarming story of Basil, a gentle, mixed-breed rescue dog, Ms. Vandiver teaches young readers about the shelter and rescue system, caring for a dog, and the value of a loving, forever home. Basil’s Quest also encourages kindness, compassion, and the appreciation of dogs of all breeds, sizes, and colors. While this book is intended for young folks, it is a delightful read for the entire family.”

– Zina Goodin, Co-founder,
Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

“This book will surely help young readers to understand the importance of love, care, and responsibility for animals in our lives by giving a glimpse into their hearts and minds.”

– Vickie Harris, Director,
Music City Animal Rescue

“Basil’s Quest was one of the best books I’ve ever read . . . well, that my dad read to me.”

-Brontë, Age 9