About the Author

Gracie Vandiver headshot - Gracie smiles into the camera. Her chestnut hair rests on her shoulders and she wears a sleeveless blue v-neck blouse

Photo by Brandon Jackson

I’ve rescued many animals, but one dog rescue in particular compelled me to write a children’s chapter book based on my experience.

Basil’s Quest, A Tale of Dogged Determination, is a story about resilience and the power of love. Told from a dog’s perspective, the book conveys that one’s past need not decide one’s future, but instead can shape it for the better.

I share my love of books as the steward of “Gracie’s Little Free Library” (Charter #83579, located In Nashville, Tennessee). Little Free Libraries provide free access to books through public neighborhood bookcases maintained by volunteers.

Gracie's Free Little Library © Gracie H Vandiver

Learn More About Little Free Libraries at littlefreelibrary.org

Gracie's Free Little Library © Gracie H Vandiver

My husband, Jerry, and I are active in the rescue dog transporting community, helping homeless animals relocate to states where they have a better chance of being adopted. We have welcomed many rescue dogs into our family over the years, including our two current pack members who fill our days with smiles and waggy tails.

When I’m not writing I make watercolor paintings, tend to the fairy garden I started during the pandemic, and take the dogs on walks so they can enjoy the lovely scents beyond their own backyard.

© Gracie H Vandiver

Fun Fact #1

I began writing Basil’s Quest, A Tale of Dogged Determination during NaNoWriMo 2013.

Fun Fact #2

My husband and I (before we were married) co-authored a workbook for songwriters titled “Your First Cut, a Step-by-Step Guide to Getting There.”

Fun Fact #3

In high school I lettered in scorekeeping for our school’s baseball team. My favorite baseball team now is the 
Kansas City Royals.

Fun Fact #4

Favorite concert ever: Elton John’s debut concert at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA on August 25, 1970.

Fun Fact #5

Some of my favorite authors are Nick Hornby, Terry Brooks, Nicholas Sparks, Ann Patchett, John Greene, and J.K. Rowling.

Fun Fact #6

I’m a huge Ze Frank fan.

Fun Fact #7

Movies I could watch over and over: Once, The Princess Bride, anything with Amy Adams or Viggo Mortensen.

Fun Fact #8

I used to teach yoga
(Iyengar style).